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Here I will be posting preview images, new dolls before they hit the shop, photo shoots, behind the scenes peaks, and coupon codes! Enjoy. ^_~
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I removed Enitan’s hair (which had a horrible, unfixable case of head-glue) and gave her this short style using many layers of brown flocking.  

Enitan is a customized Monster High Clawdeen.

LOVE her hair!

Good news, Greta has been listed on Etsy.  
It took a bit of time to get her eyes right, Abby can be difficult for me to work with sometimes, but the end result was worth the effort. :)

Another flower themed doll has been added today.
Different face-ups certainly change the look of the witch sculpt!
She’s for sale here.

The newest addition to the shop, a Clawvenus repaint, Sparrow.
Sparrows hair has been replaced with faux leaves, she has a dusting of gold pearlex over her ears an face, aswell as her hands.

Clawvenus is a particularly challenging doll, due to the her skin color.
It takes the right colors to calm that green into a NICE shade.
She is for sale here.


Very cool Iron Man/Woman Monster High ooak

Wow! I don’t usually reblog other dolls here, but check this out. :)

(via shooting-illusions)

A sweet new candy dream, just listed on Etsy~

And the other new doll listed in the shop this morning, Serena features lavender and white yarn hair, and a dusting of shimmering gold pearlex over her face.

She is available for sale on etsy.

My first sleeping doll, Irene, hit the shop this morning, featuring faux lashes and a labret peircing. Her edgy make-up makes for a great contrast with her soft expression.

She can be found here for sale.

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