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Here I will be posting preview images, new dolls before they hit the shop, photo shoots, behind the scenes peaks, and coupon codes! Enjoy. ^_~
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And the other new doll listed in the shop this morning, Serena features lavender and white yarn hair, and a dusting of shimmering gold pearlex over her face.

She is available for sale on etsy.

My first sleeping doll, Irene, hit the shop this morning, featuring faux lashes and a labret peircing. Her edgy make-up makes for a great contrast with her soft expression.

She can be found here for sale.

It’s been awhile since my last blank post. Today I will be sharing the Freaky Fusion girls, Dracubecca, Lagoonafire, and Clawvenus.

I have seen a lot of comments that these characters simply look like Draculaura, Lagoona, and Clawdeen. And when I purchased them myself, it seemed to be the case, with Lagoonafire at least. Removing their face-ups it couldn’t be further from the truth!

Again, the face paint hides the sculpts, and with it removed you can see how the features of each character balance out. Lagoonas features are combined Jinafires lips, her eye crease…
Clawdeen merges with Venus, blending their skin tones, as well as their noses and eye shapes… Draculaura and Robeccas eyes are also seem least blended.

These dolls really are half and half.
I will share Cleolei as soon as I get my hands on her.

Kaleigh, a Clawdeen Wolf repaint and rehair, now on Etsy.

Currently trying to figure out what would be most wanted for the next giveaway.
A finished doll, or a free face-up slot? (For MH, or BJD, or whatever doll.)
In addition to this, I want to do a mini give away at some point, for a CaM head, would this also be of interest? :)

It was quite the adventure creating this doll.
She has a full head of long, white, tibetan mohair, and her ears have been removed, for a human appearance.
The Howleen head was placed on a Cleo De Nile body, to give her a more mature look and height.

In a SCC first, she features long faux eye lashes, further accenting her dramatic appearance, and other worldly eyes.

Venetia has been listed in the shop, and is for sale now. :)

Meet Radiance, our new Abby Bominable repaint.
She has a frosted pink/white faux fur wig, with tibetan mohair extensions for added length, and a dash of pearlex powder.
Radiance can be found on Etsy right now. :)

Our newest Ghoulia Yelps repaint, now up on etsy. :)

Really loving this girl, she has a lot of personality.

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