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Here I will be posting preview images, new dolls before they hit the shop, photo shoots, behind the scenes peaks, and coupon codes! Enjoy. ^_~
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Between last night and now, this doll has already found a home.
She’s no longer for sale, but here are a few more images regardless.

I’m very proud of this doll, and I hope you like her. :)
I wanted her to look human, so her wolf ears have been removed, and she’s been rerooted. I always thought Clawdia’s bright yellow curls were a bit jarring.

Our newest addition to the shop, continuing the series of spring themed floral dolls. :)

Now available on etsy.

Recently, photographs were posted of what a blank Scarah Screams looks like.
Here is the finished result. She looks quite a bit like Spectra, when painted up again.

Scarah Screams was a delightful doll to work with, I hope to see many more Scarahs on toy store shelves in the future.

She can be purchased at our Etsy shop.

Hydrangea is the newest addition to the shop, and can be found here.

It’s a great joy working on these floral themed dolls.
If any followers live in the pacific north west, then they may be aware of the rain we’ve been having.
These spring themed dolls have been a wonderful distraction. :)

Continuing the photo sets of blank dolls, I have Rochelle, Scara Screams, and Spectra.

Scara and Spectra, with make-up on, look very similar. But once the factory face-ups come off you can see just how different their eyes are. Scara even has sculpted tear ducts, they’re incredibly detailed eyes for an MH doll.
Regardless of the major differences in sculpt, they look like they could be related.

Ingrid, our new Lagoona Blue, has just been put up on Etsy.

Flora, our newest doll, is now up on Etsy.

It has been a joy working on her, and I admit, I was tempted to keep her for myself. Her style was a bit new and adventurous, but something I would love to try again.

Lets welcome spring in, with this little flower fairy. :)

A preview of our next doll. I’m very excited about this girl, cannot wait to share better photos.

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