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Here I will be posting preview images, new dolls before they hit the shop, photo shoots, behind the scenes peaks, and coupon codes! Enjoy. ^_~
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A new Rochelle Goyle repaint has been added to the shop today. :)
Check her out here.


I’ve been a fan of Suni’s Monster High repaints for a long time, so when I saw one with my name on it (literally - she had named her Petra) I figured it was some sort of sign. My camera (phone) is not terribly high-res so you can’t really see her in all her glory, but I am amazed at the intricacies of the face-up. So much detail on such a small surface - especially the irises of the eyes. Beautiful work!

She looks STUNNING in that outfit!

In addition to the giveaway news, there is also a new doll in stock today. :)
Hollie is available on Etsy right now.

Hello followers, it has been quite awhile, and I thought it might be nice to do a quick giveaway.

And I do mean quick, this will only be running a couple of weeks, and close on the 14th.

The Gigi Grant repaint pictured above will be given away to one winner, chosen by a random number generator.


1. You do not have to be following me to win.

2. Only reblogs count as entries. Multiple reblogs are allowed. Giveaway sideblogs, however are not allowed and will not be counted.

3. The giveaway closes on the 14th of September. After that, a winner will be chosen and contacted.

4. If the winner does not respond within three days, another winner will be chosen.

5. The winner must, of course, be able to provide a mailing address

6. The doll will be shipped free to addresses within the continental united states. International entries are welcome, but the winner will have to pay the shipping cost. (An average of $12 for international packages)

Thank you, and I wish everyone the best of luck.


I removed Enitan’s hair (which had a horrible, unfixable case of head-glue) and gave her this short style using many layers of brown flocking.  

Enitan is a customized Monster High Clawdeen.

LOVE her hair!

Good news, Greta has been listed on Etsy.  
It took a bit of time to get her eyes right, Abby can be difficult for me to work with sometimes, but the end result was worth the effort. :)

Another flower themed doll has been added today.
Different face-ups certainly change the look of the witch sculpt!
She’s for sale here.

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